Parents Active In Responsible Education (PARE)
Who We Are and Our Accomplishments

PARE is an organization that was formed by a group of concerned citizens, and parents to ensure equal education for all students. The organization was started because students were removed from class to do an alternate assignment in the library if a parent did not give parental consent to see R rated movies and in the past an NC-17 (replaced X) movie. By doing so parents were concerned with their students being ostracized and thus potentially putting their child at the risk of being bullied. Our school goes to great length to stop bulling and to include students, such as inclusion classes and PARE would like to see this same idea applied when movies are viewed in the classroom. PARE feels that all students should be given an equal education and not be removed from core classes, where some of these movies are shown, or even elective classes if they wish to participate. PARE believes that providing an excellent education includes allowing students to participate in all options rather than deterring them or limiting them.


Through the efforts of PARE the NC-17 movie “KIDS” has been removed from the curriculum, which conforms to the school protocol.  The number of approved R rated movies has been reduced form 72 to 42. Parents have expressed a concern regarding the amount of class time used showing movies rather than the use of teacher instruction. Permission slips have been modified for parents to make informed decisions. Also, PARE has suggested a device called ClearPlay to be used as a tool for teachers so that all students may participate in the lesson plan because the same movie may be viewed in the library and in some cases if used in the classroom students would not be removed from the class. ClearPlay is a DVD player that removes specific content, whether it is profanity, sex, drugs, nudity or excessive violence, from the movie so that all students can view the movie and permission slips would not be needed.  Also, with the growing concern regarding the violence in movies and their potential impact on students PARE believes ClearPlay is a clear solution. We are pleased to say that this device has been purchased by the school and is presently being reviewed by the teachers.

CRSD posted the "2012-2013 R-Rated Film List" on their website.  There are 42 R-Rated Films listed, all of which can be shown in their entirety.

To read the PARE Mission Statement, select this link.

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Volver, shown in Spanish Class , contains sexual molestation, drug abuse, prostitution ... read more

Lehigh Valley Commentator "Students and Teachers Demand Visual Literacy" Issue 13, pg. 6

CRSD Trashes Christianity By Showing

Our Goals and Objectives

The goal of PARE is to inform those interested about all R rated movies on Council Rock’s approved curriculum list. Parents and citizens will be made aware of Council Rock’s protocols and any new and updated changes. Parents and citizens can use this knowledge when addressing the school board regarding this issue. Our main activities include

- As collaborative guardians we are questioning CRSD protocols and their ability to enforce and adhere to those protocols.
- Compiling CRSD protocols on including R-rated content in the classroom
- Communicating any changes to those protocols
- Providing a
clearinghouse for detailed information about the content of the movies currently approved.
- Informing parents why the approved movies have been unacceptable for students under 17 without a parent present
- Providing regular communication with the School Board on our findings

To view the entire PARE Committee Announcement made at the February 18, 2010 School Board Meeting.

An objective of this website is to enable the user to read about offensive material found in the movies. We want to get this information out in the open so that people can make informed decisions and draw their own conclusions. The information available on this website has been presented to the school board and has been referenced by parents who have presented at different school board meetings.

Please attend the School Board Meetings and contact the School Board Members


2013 Meeting Information
     April 18,  May 2,  May 16,  June 6,
June 20

Next Meeting
  -  April 18, 2013


The Chancellor Center

30 North Chancellor Stree

Newtown, PA. 18940

Start Time
- 7:30 pm

School Board Members contact information

What Can Parents and Taxpayers Do? Contact Your State Legislators !!!

CRSD R-Rated Movie Catalog         

Visual Literacy "Gone Wild" at CRSD

R-Rated Movies Shown In Business Classes

R-Rated Movies Shown In CRSD. CRSD Policy 109-R-1
The Processs Is Broken. CRSD Policy 109-R-1

Health and Human Sexuality Films & Parental Consent Form

R-Rated Movies Increase Likelihood of Underage Children Trying Alcohol
National Study Urges Parents to take Ratings Literally: Under 17 not Permtted

School Board Meeting Notes, Channel 6 News Report & Dartmouth Medical School Study on R-Rated Films

CRSD 109-R-1 "Fostering Respect For Religion" ???

The English and Health/Physical Education Departments appear to be having a contest to see who can do a better job of Trashing Christianity, especially Catholicism (and ignoring CRSD Policy 109-R-1 (Fostering Respect For Religion)). To be fair, the Superintendent and School Board are big part of the problem - they approved both of these films. Here are some quotes from our very own "Siskel & Ebert" in the Bucks County Courier Times article "Racy or educational? R-rated films debated",  written by Rachel Canelli.

"These films aren't trash, but critically acclaimed and award winning movies". CRSD Superintendent Mark Klein
"Choosing to ban them all would be like banning the artwork of Michelangelo or Rembrandt". CRSD Board Member Jerold Grupp

The English Department's entry in this contest is
V for Vendetta

Watch this scene on You Tube and judge for yourself.

The underlined comments are from Steven Gredanus of Decent Films.

This picture would hardly be complete without a Catholic-bashing depiction of a corrupt, morally dissolute clergyman, and V for Vendetta delivers in spades, with one of the most flagrant offenders... 
Here the comic book supplies the ready-made whipping boy of Bishop Lilliman, a pedophile whom in Moore’s original story V murders with an arsenic-laced communion wafer.

Though the cleric’s role in the film is brief, it packs as much anti-Catholic punch as possible, with traditional Latin chant and soaring Gothic pillars framing the bishop and his highly deferential aide as they discuss the age of the girl waiting in the bishop’s quarters.  Both the Bishop Lilliman (right) and his assistant are concerned that the girl might be too "old".

Bishop Lilliman gives his crucifix to his assistant prior to his planned sexual encounter with Evey. (Evey is the woman dressed as a young girl in the screen shots)

"Oh my - to think that I doubted your loveliness for an instant" says Bishop Lilliman to Evey. To further denegrate Christians, a painting of The Crucified Christ is shown to the left of Evey. Latin hymns are played in the background.

"I love the confession game ..." says Bishop Lilliman to Evey.
The movie offers an alternative sacramental profanation, with a disgusting scene in which the bishop reveals that he likes to “play confession” with the young girls (as young as possible) his aides obtain for him on a regular basis.  Bishop Lilliman then attempts to rape Evey.

The Health/Physical Education Department's entry in this contest is
Basketball Diaries.

Basketball  Diaries contains extremely offensive comments about  God, Jesus and Mary.

It also contains male prostitution, sex, violence, and drugs

The video tapes of the Columbine Massacre are striking similar to this scene from Basketball Diaries.

Watch this scene on You Tube

Jim has a fantasy where he is seen killing six of his classmates and the teacher with a shotgun with bloody results. (Shown above).

This scene is claimed to have partially inspired the  Columbine Shooters (Klebold  & Harris) and Heath High School Shooter (Carnel). Select this link for more information.

It appears that CRSD Policy 109-R-1 (Fostering Respect for Religion)  does not apply to Christianity.

Basketball Diaries starts out with a women screaming the Our Father out side her window holding a rosary and she states:

Our Father......Hallowed be Thy Name SU-K YOURSELF YOU S-N OF A BITC- BAST--... Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done YOU F---.

She continues by stating, Jesus the Nazarene GO TO HE-- GO TO HE--. Mary the WHOR- THE HAIRDRESSER, THE HAIRDRESSER. The cross at the end of the rosary is held upside down.

None of this material is mentioned in the R-Rated Film Approval Form or the permission slip. Select this link to access these forms.

CRSD R-Rated Movie Trivia
Select the image to find out the R-Rated Movie

This film is new for the 2010 school year. CRSD continues its long standing tradition of selecting films that are degrading and demeaning to women with this film shown in the Critical Viewing class.

A woman's  (prostitute) face is slashed (which is the only segment that is fast forward in class.) ... Prostitutes and a brothel are a constant presence throughout the film.
The men then refer to her as damaged property and demand payment because no one will f--k her with a damaged face.

This "classic" was NC-17 / X-Rated when first released. It was later edited to be R-Rated. It contains this scene of ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy)

This film was financed and released by Playboy. It contains graphic nudity, strong violence including rape, and shows murdered children  (covered in  blood). The making of this film was covered in the February 1972 issue of  Playboy.